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What do you use to promote Kickstarter project ranking? Is it legitimate?

We have been in the business of mobile application development since 2005 and have a huge user base (close to one million). By leveraging our massive social network and user base, we build project related communities, broadcast project information, encourage project views and in turn boost project ranking.
What we do is grass roots promotion, and it is totally legitimate. None of the over 3000 projects we helped got black-listed by Kickstarter. Many of those projects would never have met their funding goals if they had not used our service.

Do you guarantee promotional results?
We provide pre-promotion and after-promotion project rank pictures and links, so you will be able to see for yourself what an impact our promotion has on your project. We maintain a 100% success rate!

Is it true that you will get my project into the top 20? For sure? If not, do you offer a refund?
To be honest, we don't want to promise customers a delivery if we cannot meet it.
For top 20 consideration, we strongly recommend that customers contact us and send us the project name and project link, and we will evaluate and let you know if it is possible.

Please be aware, if you only have very few backers and expect us to get your project to the top 20, it may not be feasible and it is also not good for your project. A project with one or two backers will be very negative to potential backers even if it is in the top 20. We recommend using our two day service to boost project rank first before it is ready.

With a 100% success rate, once we have promised, we will deliver, otherwise you get a refund with no questions asked.

Can you push my project all the way to the very top?
The answer is no. Promotion is not as easy or simple as flipping a switch. There is a lot of work done in the background. Kickstarter has a complex algorithm of calculating project rank. It mainly consists of backer numbers, percentage of funding goal reached, project activities etc. Promotion alone will only do some of the work.

Can you guarantee to bring more funding and backers to my project?
This is very much like Google Ads. You pay for the ad service, so your product will show up first when people search. But whether they will buy your product or not is not controlled by Google Ads.

With our service, we get your project to the top, so potential visitors and backers will more likely see your project; otherwise, it might be buried in hundreds of other projects not getting discovered, let alone being funded.

Can you show me some projects you helped?
It is impossible to list the thousands of projects we have helped, but you can find the latest ones under the "PROJECTS HELPED" menu.

What is your success story?
We have helped over 2500 projects and counting. Many of our customers are repeating the services after they see TRUE benefits and quite a few used our service throughout their entire campaigns!

Are there any similar services on the market?
There might be, but no one has the proven record like we do. Many end up using our service in the background.

Do you provide the same services for projects in other crowdfunding platforms?
Only Kickstarter at the moment.

Can you show us some reviews?

You can find reviews for each promotion service by opening the service detail page; here are some projects we helped earlier.



If you have any further questions, please contact us by clicking the "Contact US" menu on the top.